South Carolina: Going Beyond Emma’s Law to Save Lives

Public safety advocates say that too many drunk drivers are on South Carolina’s roads. Drunk driving law changed in South Carolina back in April of 2014, when Emma’s Law passed. The law, named [...]


Emma’s Law Should Be Saving More Lives. What’s Gone Wrong?

It’s not enough to get good anti-drunk driving laws passed. You’ve got to keep watch on the system and make sure the laws are working as they are meant to. That’s the sad lesson that Mothers [...]


Just How Often Do Drunk Drivers Hit Police Cars?

The answer is, “You’d be surprised.” Over a million people are arrested each year for driving under the influence. A good number of those are arrested after a crash – so many that a fender-bender [...]


Serving Booze in South Carolina? Better Be Insured for a Million.

  In South Carolina restaurants must pay up if their customers drink, drive, and injure someone. A new liquor liability law makes sure they’re able to. The problem is over-serving: [...]


Should Drunk Driving Laws Be Named After People?

If you follow road safety legislation – and particularly drunk driving legislation – you have heard the names. Emma’s Law in South Carolina. Noah’s Law in Maryland. Annie’s Law in Ohio. Leandra’s [...]


AXE Body Spray in Your Mouth to Cheat a Breathalyzer? Uh, No…

It’s interesting to see how the impaired mind works. Cops see it all the time when drunk drivers misjudge their speed, forget what lane they’re in, and underestimate how tight a turn is. [...]


Emojis to Fight Drunk Driving – South Carolina’s Newest Weapon

When you hear a message too many times – whether it’s “clean your room” or “read the instructions first,” it gets ignored. That’s just how people are. So when the message is an important one – [...]


South Carolina Jury: Yes, Bar Was Liable For Serving Emma’s Killer After Hours

If you’re a driver in South Carolina, you probably know about Emma’s Law, which requires anyone in the state who is convicted of drunk driving to install an ignition interlock. An ignition [...]


Ignition interlock debate heats up in South Carolina

A battle is heating up within the House Judiciary Committee of South Carolina right now. Emma’s Law, a bill that will require first time DUI offenders who are convicted of DUI with a blood [...]


Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI Seminar

The South Carolina Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers will hold their Annual Reese Joye Memorial DUI Seminar this November 8th, 2013 from 8:30 am to 5:30pm. Located in the Marriott Hotel in [...]