Viral Video: Student Orders Drunk Driver Off a Texas Highway

Your Hump-day Recess: Real-Life Superhero Meets Texas Drunk Driver “Get out of the car! You’re done driving! That’s it! Get out of the car! Get out!” When a driver rumbled [...]


Chutzpah Defined: DWI Driver Says .08 Limit Unfair to Alcoholics

At present The Clear Road doesn’t give out an annual Chutzpah Award, but if we did contenders would have a hard time beating Ralph Alfred Friesenhahn, a San Antonio man who has argued before the [...]


Hugging a Witness Won’t Get You Out of a DWI

If you saw a drunk driver on the road, would you report him? What if he hugged you? A bit of affection made no difference to an alert driver in Abilene, Texas recently. The motorist in question [...]


Austin Does It Right – Free Overnight Parking for Safe Drinkers

The decision to drink and drive is a strange thing.  Though it’s reckless, it’s not necessarily made by reckless people. It’s arrogant, but arrogance isn’t the cause either. The reason people [...]


After 6 DWI Convictions and Supervision Violation: One Day in Jail

The ineffective parent is a stereotype that gets lampooned regularly on TV: the one who says, “I’m counting to five…” and then does nothing. The one who says, “Or else!” but can’t answer the [...]


Dodgeball Teaches Texas Students About Drunk Driving

Many people who get behind the wheel after a few drinks aren’t aware of how impaired they are. After all, they’re able to turn the key, step on the gas and keep the car on the road. But driving, [...]


Texas Gives DWI Offenders Using Interlocks a Second Chance

A DWI on one’s record can be an immense burden. Even after the fines are paid, the jail time served, and the ignition interlock installed and removed, those convicted of drunk driving will find [...]


Texas: Go Easier on 1st-Time DWIs – But Keep Ignition Interlocks

A bill in the Texas State Senate could change the way drunk drivers are handled. Senate Bill 761 would allow a judge to give first time DWIs something called deferred adjudication community [...]


6 Reasons You’ll Hit A Fire Engine When You’re Driving Drunk

Not too long ago the US seemed to suffer from an epidemic of drunk drivers who were hitting police cars. In fact, that happens all too often, because police cruisers are often parked on the side [...]


Ferris Bueller’s DUI Off, or: Don’t Run $385K Ferraris on Alcohol

Some of you have long suspected that owning an expensive car is not a guarantee of good judgment. Yes, that seems counter-intuitive – purchasing a flashy car that costs as much as a three-bedroom [...]