Woman Crashes Her Car 3 Times in One Night. Guess Why.

Three car crashes are a lot to experience in a lifetime. How about in one night? A woman in Walla Walla, Washington managed that feat recently. She crashed into an empty vehicle, pulled out, [...]


Man Tore Out Ignition Interlock. Which is Why He Had It.

If you look at the FAQ section on using an ignition interlock, you’ll find nothing about tearing the device out in drunken anger. That’s because doing that – or otherwise disabling an [...]


Kicks a Police Officer, Bites a Firefighter. Why? No Interlock!

A day that begins with drinking is a day that could end any number of ways, many of them bad. That’s because, as we now know, alcohol shuts off the alarm in our brains that makes us care about [...]


Need to Ask What a Lamborghini DUI Crash Costs? You Can’t Afford It.

All drunk driving crashes cost the offender. Sometimes it’s a lot. Just in monetary terms, there are fines, fees, the cost of maintaining an ignition interlock, the costs of a DUI class, and [...]


Texting Drivers Now Get a DUI in WA. Who’s Complaining?

It’s as reliable as the movement of the heavens. Up to now, whenever a news item announced an anti-drunk driving measure in Washington State, people jumped immediately onto the comments section [...]


Washington State Ups Its Ignition Interlock Game With New Law

“The legislature finds that there is significant value in diligently combating the crime of driving under the influence and promoting the safety of all persons using our public roadways.” That’s [...]


How Ignition Interlock Data Helped Catch a Repeat Drunk Driver

In 2010 Alexander Peder drove drunk and killed two teens in Washington State. He was already a repeat drunk driver at the time, with two DUI arrests on his record, but both of those previous [...]


Yakima Deputy Mayor Apologizes for her DUI. Is That Enough?

In this age when everybody’s transgressions get revealed and repeated on social media, politicians and public servants have a hard time. No misstep escapes the public eye, least of all when it [...]


11 DUIs, Interlock – Washington Drunk Drivers Fall Through the Cracks

It’s one of the most common drunk driving news stories: a driver is arrested on a multiple DUI – or causes a wreck – and it’s revealed that he or she should have been using an ignition interlock, [...]


Should Washington State Lower the BAC Limit to .05?

Washington State wants people to be less drunk when driving. Or at least, some Washington legislators do. House Bill 1874 is being debated in the state house. If passed the bill would lower the [...]

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