What Happens When You Get a DUI While on Vacation?

When you pack your suitcase and head out the door on vacation, very often your mind will go on vacation with you. In search of a much-needed break, some people let the thoughts of work and daily schedules fly out the window along with their inhibitions. Unfortunately, this type of mentality can also cause a slip in judgment when it comes to drinking alcohol to excess, and that can result in a DUI while on vacation.

What do you do if you are arrested for DUI while on vacation in another State? For starters, don’t pack up and leave your vacation spot to head home in an attempt to ignore the entire incident. Under the Interstate Drivers License Compact, your own State will treat your DUI offense as if you had committed it home. Given the current nationwide laws, there is no running away from a DUI offense.

Some of the penalties you could incur when receiving a DUI while on vacation include hefty fines, driver’s license reinstatement fees for both States, and court dates for both States. You may also have to attend drug and alcohol counseling in the State where you committed the DUI offense, resulting in you incurring travel costs as well.

It’s fun to relax and let your cares slip away while on vacation, but don’t let your common sense head out the door too. Avoid drinking and driving no matter where you are.