Steps to Regaining Your License in North Carolina

North Carolina ignition interlock laws require that any driver convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) for the second time, and also drivers convicted for the first time with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or higher, must install an ignition interlock device, including an electronic log device, on every vehicle they own or which is registered to them. [more]North Carolina image

Here’s how to get back on the road after a DUI in North Carolina – quickly, safely and legally.

  1. Obtain a DL-123 from your auto insurance company or agent. These forms are valid for 30 days, so wait until you are ready to request interlock driving privileges before you request one
  2. Obtain an alcohol assessment. The cost is $100. Locate services here
  3. Make an appointment to have your ignition interlock installed by calling toll-free 800-521-4246
  4. If you work non-standard hours, obtain a letter from your employer stating when you need to be at work.
  5. Fill out an application for Interlock Limited Driving Privilege
  6. Take these documents to the clerk of court in the country where you were originally charged
  7. Pay $100. You will receive your limited driving privilege
  8. Take your copy of the privilege and your vehicle to a local DMV, who will verify that your interlock is installed
  9. That’s it! You’re good to go. But remember…
  10. Come in for regular monitoring. This is essential for proper maintenance of the program as well as a condition for keeping your restricted license

Get started now. Find an installer here or call toll-free 800-521-4246

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