Types of Interlock Devices

Often referred to simply as IID, an ignition interlock device connects directly to your vehicle’s ignition system. Its purpose is straightforward yet vital: to ensure safe driving by only allowing the vehicle to start and operate when certain conditions are met.

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IID or Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlock devices are in-vehicle devices that are usually issued by a local authority to ensure that a driver is not operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Generally these devices can allow someone who has received a DUI/DWI charge with getting their driving privileges reinstated. Automotive safety and law enforcement have always prioritized driver sobriety, leading to the adoption of various devices that ensure this. An ignition interlock device is the most cost-effective way to accomplish this and can be referred to in different ways depending on the state or region they are issued. Learn more about IIDs here.

Calibrated Ignition Interlock Device ensuring precise alcohol detection

The Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID)

While the name might sound different, the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device, or BAIID, serves the same fundamental purpose as the IID. The emphasis here is on the device’s ability to measure breath alcohol levels, ensuring the driver’s sobriety before the vehicle is operational.

Learn more about BAIIDs here.

Car Breathalyzer

Many might recognize the term “breathalyzer” from its use in law enforcement. When it comes to vehicles, a car breathalyzer accomplishes the same purpose as IIDs and BAIIDs, ensuring a vehicle can only be operated under safe conditions. Learn more about car breathalyzers.

It’s worth noting that different states might refer to ignition interlock devices using varying names in their local laws and regulations. Whether it’s BAIID, IID, or car breathalyzer, they all aim to achieve the same goal: ensuring driver sobriety for safer roads.

When it comes to automotive safety and alcohol monitoring, the main goal remains clear: safeguarding lives on the road.

4X Less Battery Drain

LifeSafer’s ignition interlock device stands out in the industry with its remarkable energy efficiency, boasting an impressive 4x less battery drain compared to the Intoxalock device. This significant reduction in power consumption means that our customers can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle’s battery life is preserved, especially during periods of infrequent use or in colder climates where battery performance is critical. The reliability of your vehicle is paramount, and with LifeSafer’s interlock device, drivers face fewer unexpected dead batteries, leading to reduced chances of being stranded and lower overall vehicle maintenance costs. Choosing LifeSafer not only supports safety and compliance with driving regulations but also ensures that the health of your vehicle’s battery isn’t compromised.

*Comparison made with Intoxalock 1001a. 4X less battery drain while vehicle is off.

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