Comparing Ignition Interlock Companies 2024

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How does LifeSafer compare to other providers?

Choosing your ignition interlock is an important decision. Factors involved range from device size and ease of use, pricing, installation, and more.

Take a look at how LifeSafer compares to other ignition interlock providers and experience the LifeSafer difference for yourself.

Compare Interlock Providers

Compare LifeSafer to other ignition interlock providers so you can make the right decision for your interlock program.

Online Scheduling with LifeSafer No-Call Install

LifeSafer No-Call Install™ is the industry’s first and only fully online enrollment process. Enrollment takes less than 5 minutes and we will guarantee you a same day installation appointment or your first month is free.

Other providers might take anywhere from 20-40 minutes to enroll and could take days for an appointment. LifeSafer has been the best ignition interlock provider for over 30 years. LifeSafer saves you time and money. That’s savings you can trust. That is the LifeSafer Difference. No-Call Install™.

LifeSafer: A Certified Provider

States across the nation take their responsibility to keep roads safe very seriously, ensuring that only certified ignition interlock providers can operate within their boundaries. LifeSafer is proud to be recognized as a trusted and certified provider that continuously meets the stringent requirements of state regulations. Being certified signifies that every device installed is accurate, dependable, and integrated with the latest technology. Considering other ignition interlock providers have recently had troubles in states like Virginia and Missouri, LifeSafer wants you to feel confident that they are a trustworthy option for ignition interlock installation, monitoring, and calibration services in your state. For residents throughout the U.S. looking for an ignition interlock device, LifeSafer remains a top and reliable choice.

LifeSafer focuses on making the cost of a BAIID affordable for all.

Guaranteed Same Day Installation

LifeSafer values your time as much as you do. If you need an appointment to install your ignition interlock on the same day you enroll, we have you covered. If for some reason we are unable to get you a same day appointment, your first month is on us. Simply enroll through No-Call Install™ or call now at 800-634-3077. Saving you time and money is what we do. Guaranteed Same Day Installation.

Convenient Locations

LifeSafer has locations in almost every state with dedicated local technicians ready to assist you. Find your closest LifeSafer location today!

The Best Ignition Interlock Company

The LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Device is the smallest and easiest to use device on the market. No difficult blow patterns and no large, clunky device to store. Enjoy the convenience of our discreet, accurate, and easy to use ignition interlock device. Other device simply don’t compare. Learn more about our top-rated interlock device. The list of certified ignition interlock providers in some states has recently changed. Click here to learn more.

LifeSafer Saves Your Car Battery

4X less battery drain than Intoxalock while the vehicle is off.

LifeSafer’s device has 4X less battery drain than Intoxalock while your vehicle is off. Find out more about how LifeSafer saves your car battery.

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