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An ignition interlock (also known as an IID or in-car breathalyzer) is a fuel-cell device installed in your car that tests your breath for alcohol before it allows the vehicle to start. Program lengths vary, and our customer support will be with you from start to finish.


Call us for ignition interlock installation service near you and our team will walk you through everything. We have convenient locations across the country and offer Saturday and same-day appointments.


Existing customers will find everything you need to know to use your LifeSafer Ignition Interlock here. Videos, forms, troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions will keep you driving.

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The best interlock for 30 years

For thousands of drivers and millions of miles, LifeSafer has taken ownership of the total customer experience. We provide accurate, timely, and reliable services to help you successfully complete your interlock program.

We are wallet friendly

Our pricing is competitive, upfront, and easy to understand.

We are available anytime

You will never be stranded – customer care is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We are the experts

You won’t have to figure out complex laws, rules or paperwork on your own.

We are committed to your success

We work with your monitoring agency to ensure your reports are submitted correctly.

Your Interlock Program from Start to Finish


A highly trained technician installs and calibrates your device.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Program guidelines require regular inspection and calibration of your device.


Final paperwork is sent to your agency and you’re ready to schedule your removal appointment.

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