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LifeSafer® partners with attorneys, treatment providers, monitoring agencies, and others involved in helping those arrested for impaired driving. Public Safety is our primary goal and supporting our partners is one way we can carry out this mission. We assist our partners with: A national presence, helpful tools, and resources, special offers for your clients, monthly newsletters, and increased exposure.


If you are an attorney who specializes in alcohol-related traffic charges (DWI, DUI, OVI, OWI), your clients will need information on license recovery with an ignition interlock. We can help you help your clients. We’ll provide you with exclusive offers for your clients as well as helpful resources.

Treatment Providers

Alcohol treatment providers know interlock and portable alcohol monitoring devices can be powerful tools to successful client recovery. Interlocks have also proven to reduce alcohol-related accidents and deaths. LifeSafer offers both mandatory and voluntary programs for clients who want or need an ignition interlock or a portable alcohol monitoring device.

Monitoring Agencies

Court-ordered alcohol monitoring can include interlocks and random alcohol monitoring devices. LifeSafer provides both ignition interlocks and a portable alcohol monitoring device for your clients. Both with the same reliable, accurate technology, both are small and discreet. Our monitoring platform is highly customizable to ensure you get the information you need about your clients when you need it.

DUI Education

DUI Education providers offer mandatory and voluntary DUI/DWI classes. Education providers specialize in giving individuals the knowledge and tools needed to gain and maintain sobriety. These courses are often mandatory during your interlock program. LifeSafer only partners with the best DUI education providers to ensure that your interlock program experience is as helpful as possible.

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