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Smallest and Easiest To Use Device

The L250 Ignition Interlock is our smallest handset with the most reliable technology. It’s designed to prevent you from being able to start your vehicle until you pass the alcohol test. This vehicle ignition interlock device has an easy blow pattern (deep inhale, blow and hum a consistent tone) and a simple screen.

At LifeSafer, we invest in our technology to make sure you get the most reliable devices at the lowest priceSome states might require a camera along with your device. We’ll help you navigate your options and choose one that will keep you in compliance.

Having an interlock device can give you the freedom to get back out on the road again. These devices, which are also commonly known are able to quickly test and detect any alcohol levels present in the driver’s breath.

Whether installed following a DUI or voluntarily added as a safety feature, this device won’t let your vehicle start if it detects a specific level of alcohol. If you’re sober, you’ll be good to go.

Comparing Device Providers

When choosing your ignition interlock, there are many things to consider to ensure you make the best choice possible. Your interlock device will be connected to your vehicle so you will want something small and discreet that fits into the smaller spaces of your car and is easy to hold in your hand. Some other provider’s devices are large and clunky making them difficult to hold or find a place to set them while you drive. The LifeSafer L250 makes your life easy by providing you with the smallest and easiest to use device on the market. What makes the LifeSafer L250 the most advanced interlock on the market?

  • Smallest Device
  • Easiest to Use Device
  • Most Affordable Device
  • Most Accurate Device
  • Most Reliable Device

The difference between the LifeSafer L250 and other interlock devices is clear. Experience the LifeSafer Difference for yourself. Call today to schedule your installation.

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