The Nation’s Leader in Ignition Interlock Technology

With cutting edge technology and more than 25 years’ experience successfully getting people back on the road quickly and affordably, LifeSafer products are among the most widely used Ignition Interlock Devices in the country.

LifeSafer restores people’s freedom to drive quickly, safely, and legally; LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Devices are easy, reliable and affordable.

We helped launch the industry in 1991, and we still set the standard for reliable technology and supportive customer care. We are experts.  We support drivers and their families through device installation, license recovery, and maintenance. LifeSafer excels in car breathalyzer technology, and we get drivers through this process with speed and dedication.

LifeSafer Technology Firsts

  • First ignition interlock to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Association standards (1992)
  • First electronic information reporting system for ignition interlock programs
  • A patent-pending positive ID interlock device with a target-tracking camera



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