The Nation’s Leader in Ignition Interlock Technology

LifeSafer ignition interlock restores your freedom to drive quickly, safely, and easily.

LifeSafer is a national leader in ignition interlock technology. We helped launch the industry in 1991, and we were the first ignition interlock company to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Association standards in 1992. Nearly 30 years later, we still set the standard for reliable technology and supportive customer care. We are experts.

LifeSafer supports drivers and their families through device installation, license recovery, and maintenance. We know the legal requirements and processes in every state, so we can help you wherever you are. LifeSafer excels at in-car breathalyzer technology, and we will get you through this process with speed and dedication.

Our Quality Promise: We will take ownership of the total customer experience, providing accurate, timely and reliable services enabling our customers to successfully complete their programs.