L250 Ignition Interlock Device

How Does An Ignition Interlock Device Work?

Car Breathalyzer Devices, also commonly referred to as Breath Alcohol Ignition interlock Devices (BAIIDs or IIDs), have a small tube that you blow into to submit a breath sample. You must blow hard enough into the device to get an accurate reading. If you do not blow hard enough, the device alerts you, and you must continue to submit breath samples until the device alerts you that your sample is adequate.

What happens now?

Once you have submitted a breath sample, the IID converts the breath sample into an electrical current. The device’s fuel cell is specifically designed to be sensitive to ethanol, the type of alcohol in beer, wine, and liquor. Through a chemical oxidation process, the alcohol from your breath is collected. The process of oxidation creates the electrical current that is used by the device to measure your breath alcohol level. The device then compares your breath alcohol level to a pre-set alcohol level that is programmed into the device.

What happens when I blow above the limit?

If your breath alcohol level is above the preset limit, the device triggers a series of events. These events may include disabling the vehicle’s ignition if you are attempting to start the vehicle, flashing the lights, and sounding the horn if you are operating the vehicle or a permanent lockout mode where the vehicle cannot be started until the device is reset by the service provider.

How do I view the ignition interlock results?

IIDs are also designed to log the results of your breath samples, the amount of time you operate the vehicle, any attempts to disable or circumvent the device, and the dates that you have the device serviced. Camera ignition interlocks will also record a photo of you as you take the test for identification purposes.

IIDs are designed to download the data which is then provided to the monitoring authority of the jurisdiction in either a printed or electronic format. This data is downloaded from the device by the service provider that installed it at regularly scheduled service appointments. The service provider may also calibrate the device during these service appointments to guarantee accurate testing.

When will my license be suspended? Before court? 

Again, all states are a little different. Some take immediate action after your arrest; even before you go to court. This action most often leads to what is known as administrative licensing suspension. This can impact your ability to drive prior to your court date. The reality is this in-between period could take a while, especially now when courts are just beginning to reopen.

So you do qualify for an Ignition Interlock Program — now what?

Easy. Just call LifeSafer at 800-634-3077. One of our Customer Care Experts will be able to tell you the specific requirements for the state of your arrest and set up an installation appointment at one of our Authorized Service Locations. At LifeSafer, our primary goal is to help you successfully complete your interlock program safely and quickly.

For more information about LifeSafer Ignition Interlock Devices, visit our website or call the Customer Care Center at 800-634-3077.