Blast from the 90s – Paul McCartney Sings Against Drunk Driving in RADD Video

In case you missed the 90s, or want to return to them, or don’t exactly know what they are, we present this video by the organization RADD – Originally Rock Artists Against Drunk Driving, but now Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drink Driving. In 1994 Paul McCartney was the centerpiece of a rock video performance of B Baby, You Can Drive My Car that included (Millennials are free to Google some of these names) David Crosby, Graham Nash, Little Richard, Ringo Starr, Los Lobos, Clint Black, Lisa Hartman Black, Travis Tritt, Trisha Yearwood, Phil Collins, Melissa Ethridge, Bret Michaels, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Clarence Clemons and Julian Lennon.

RADD is still around, working with celebrities and media partners to encourage positive attitudes about road safety.