Two Drunk Drivers Crash … Into Each Other!

two-drunk-drivers-odds-goodEvery once in a while the question comes up again: what are the odds?

And the answer is depressingly familiar: not as long as you’d think.

In this case, the question concerns the odds of one drunk driver hitting another. It’s not like two bullets fusing in a gunfight, or even two planes colliding in mid-air. The fact is, there are quite a few drunk drivers on the road at any given moment, and all you need is two going in opposite directions, with one of them losing control for a moment, for disaster to strike.

It happened recently in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Sean Maroney was driving under the influence of alcohol when he crashed head-on into another car.

The driver of that car, Molly Paige, was also found to be impaired.

Maroney, who allegedly caused the collision, is charged with felony aggravated DUI. Paige is charged with misdemeanor DUI.

Let’s Look at the Chances

Many people are aware that some 10,000 people die each year due to drunk driving. A far greater number than that – perhaps ten times as many – are injured.

Not all drunk drivers are involved in collisions, however. In the US some 1,500,000 drunk driving arrests are made each year.  But even this number does not paint the full picture.

How many drunk drivers are never caught? According to one study, a person drives drunk about 80 times before he or she is apprehended. That would suggest that some 120,000,000 drunk driving incidents take place each year.

It’s a very rough estimate, to be sure, but even if it’s a mere 60 million, it stands to reason that drunk drivers are passing each other every day. And if they are drunk, their chances of getting into a collision soar.

It would be hard to calculate the odds with any degree of certainty. But we know that the number of impaired drivers out there is vast, and if they don’t hit you, or some other innocent person, they might well hit each other – eventually.