Voluntary Ignition Interlock Installations Keep Roads Safe

When it comes to keeping drinking drivers off the road, you can’t deny that Ignition Interlock Devices work to keep communities safe. Although you’ll find that the majority of the time IID’s must be installed according to court order, there is a growing number of individuals who are participating in a voluntary ignition interlock installation.

Turns out, the fastest growing segment of individuals installing ignition interlock devices on a volunteer basis are parents of young drivers. Why exactly? For one, insurance companies often offer a discount on insurance rates if there is a voluntary ignition interlock device installed in the car the young person will drive. And two, parents who are assured of the possibility that their children cannot drink and drive have much less stress when handing over the keys.

Employers are also voluntarily installing ignition interlock devices on company vehicles. Not only are they reducing their own corporate insurance rates and saving money, but they are also ensuring company-wide safety by guaranteeing their employees are driving safely and responsibly.

Those who make the choice to participate in the voluntary ignition interlock installation program are putting safety first, and that’s a smart choice for everyone on the road today.