Why Can’t I Buy My Ignition Interlock Device?

When you are facing an arrest for DWI, one of the biggest issues is money.   NHTSA estimates that impaired driving arrests can cost up to $10,000.   So when you get DMV notice or court order requiring you to install an interlock, you want to find a way to keep costs low.

Interlocks are not, however, a DIY project.   State regulations require that you not be present when the interlock is installed in your vehicle.   After you call LifeSafer to make your installation appointment, you will go to the authorized service center and your vehicle will go into a service bay while you go to a separate room to view a training video.    Only a trained technician can access the wiring diagrams to install the interlock.

Why can’t I own my ignition interlock?

While that seems straightforward, you are probably still wondering why you have to lease the device instead of just pay for it and own it outright. The short answer is because it wouldn’t work.

The devices themselves need to be professionally calibrated. They are installed in your vehicle and connected to our proprietary software to download and transmit reports to your state. Once you’ve completed the program, our device is returned to our lab for a full cleaning, inspection, and multiple re-calibrations to ensure its in good working order. The device itself is only a part of the overall ignition interlock system.  Our people and software are integral to its safe use.

Some of our customers find that having an interlock is a helpful way to hold themselves accountable for their drinking and want to continue their program voluntarily.   In these cases too, to ensure the device is always reading BrAC correctly and is working safely, we (and some states) continue to require regular monitoring appointments for calibration.

LifeSafer works hard to make sure we invest in our technology and our people to offer you the best device in the industry.   We do that while making sure we keep our monthly costs competitive and reasonable — on average about $3.00 per day.