Ignition Interlock Cost & Pricing Information

Being charged and/or convicted of impaired driving can be very stressful. One cause of that stress is when people see the shocking costs of the associated fines, penalties and attorney’s fees. The average case costs upwards of $10,000 when everything is added together. Rest assured that we at LifeSafer understand this financial burden and we offer our ignition interlock devices at a fair and competitive price.

For your fast and free pricing quote, please contact us toll free at 800-634-3077In States that do not regulate the price of an ignition interlock device, LifeSafer offers straight-forward, highly competitive pricing. Don’t be fooled by other companies that lure you in with misleading ‘free’ up-front offers, who then hit you with hidden fees month after month. We have never and will never do that.

Because pricing is State regulated in some markets and pricing is frequently changing to address market requirements, we invite you to call and get a fast and free price quote for your needs. Depending on your situation, location and the equipment you need we will extend the lowest price possible including any current offers that fit your situation; including free installation where available and discounted monitoring fees.

Also, if you are unable to pay for a device, our expert agents will be able to tell you whether your State may be able to offset some of the costs through a special state fund set aside for those who need it.

For your fast and free pricing quote, please contact us toll free at 800-634-3077.