Arizona Administrative Per Se:

This happens at the scene of your arrest if you fail a breath test (i.e. have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher), or refuse to take one. The Arizona law allows for immediate suspension of your license but you are given a 15-day grace period during which you can drive to get your affairs in order.

Arizona Criminal DUI Penalties:

These are applied if you are convicted by a court or plead guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol. For each offense, alcohol screening, education, and treatment, installing vehicles you operate with a certified ignition interlock device, and performing community service are all required.

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How do I get an Arizona Restricted Driving License with an ignition interlock (IID)?

Criminal Penalties for repeat violations

For a first-time offense, you receive a $1,250 fine and jail time for at least 10 consecutive days. Second and subsequent offenses result in a $3,000 fine and at least 90 consecutive days in jail, plus license revocation for 12 months.