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The LifeSafer Authorized Service Center Program offers one of the most compelling channel relationships in the industry.   LifeSafer Partners earn more while building long-term relationships with customers.


  • LifeSafer has a full business development team establishing partnerships and increasing sales leads every day.
  • LifeSafer’s national marketing support and local efforts drive more business to you.
  • Our operations team supports you every step of the way with training, materials and site visits to ensure that your installation business functions smoothly for both you and your customers.
  • Clients with interlocks need regular monitoring and servicing, meaning more visits and more opportunity to showcase your services.
  • If you already install interlocks or if you are looking to expand your business, we provide a growing revenue stream. More and more states are making ignition interlocks mandatory for DUI offenders. In addition to installation revenue, you benefit from monthly monitoring appointment revenue.


When you partner with LifeSafer, you partner with the industry’s recognized leader in Ignition Interlock and Alcohol Monitoring Technology.  LifeSafer is unique compared to many other Interlock providers—LifeSafer has been in the business since its inception 25 years ago. Lifesafer provides hands-on 24/7 support  to aid customers on daily management of their interlock in addition to support on how to successfully complete their interlock program. We also staff a call center, maintain strong relationships with reporting authorities and support our customers from installation through program completion.

If you’re interested in becoming an authorized LifeSafer service provider, you must meet certain requirements. Please use this form to contact us for more information.

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