5 Easy Steps To License Recovery

Did you recently get arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense? Need an ignition interlock device (sometimes called a car breathalyzer or IID)? Well, take a breath and keep reading. 

Being arrested for an alcohol-related driving offense (DUI, DWI, DUII, OVI, OWI) is stressful, and beginning the license recovery process can be confusing. LifeSafer is here to help you get through all the steps to recover your license successfully. 

What are my next steps?

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, what happens now depends on the state you were arrested in and the charges you received. However, here are some general steps that should get you headed in the right direction. 

1. Find out what’s required in your state

All 50 states have an ignition interlock requirement of some sort if you are convicted of an alcohol-related driving offense. Some are voluntary, but about two-thirds of the states require an IID to be installed. As stated earlier, each state handles alcohol-related driving offenses differently. 

The easiest way to get started is to call one of our Customer Care Experts at 800-634-3077. They are very knowledgeable about your state’s laws and can help guide you in the right direction. They’ll go over all the requirements with you and get your installation appointment scheduled too.

You can also go to ignition interlock state information page. Use the pull-down to find your state. Each state’s requirements for license recovery are listed along with many useful resources right at your fingertips. 

If you haven’t secured a good attorney yet, once you find your state’s page, scroll down to the list of experienced DUI attorneys who are LifeSafer partners. Any of them would be happy to provide accurate legal advice. 

2. Complete and submit your paperwork 

Again, all states are a little different, but most of them require some form of paperwork to be filled out and processed as part of your IID program. There are also usually fees to be paid when the paperwork is submitted. Here’s where to go to find a helpful License Recovery Checklist for your state’s specific requirements that will help you stay on track.

3. Get your IID installed

So you’ve now completed your paperwork requirements and LifeSafer has scheduled your installation. Please make sure you keep your appointment so you can get started on the road to license recovery. 

If for some reason you need to reschedule, please call a Customer Care Expert at 800-634-3077 at least 24-hours prior to your appointment so you won’t be charged a missed appointment fee.

A Certified Service Technician will install your interlock device and train you on the use of the IID. They will make sure you’re confident using the interlock before sending you on your way. Here’s a quick video showing you what you can expect at your installation appointment.

4. Periodic service appointments

As long as you have your IID, you will need to return to an Authorized Service Center periodically to have it calibrated. This ensures the accuracy of the device is always at its best. During these appointments, the technician downloads data from the device that is then sent to the proper monitoring authorities.  

Every state has different requirements for when the device needs to be serviced. At your installation, the technician will program your first calibration appointment into the device and it will remind you when the appointment is coming up. Each time you come in for calibration, the technician will program your next appointment into the device. 

Also, you have the option to receive text notifications for upcoming appointments. We want to make it easy for you to keep all your appointments and remain compliant throughout your program.

5. Time to remove your device

When you have successfully completed your interlock program, the IID will be removed and your license will be reinstated. Again, each state has different requirements for giving the approval to remove the device. Don’t worry, our Service Technicians are knowledgeable about the requirements in your state and will guide you through this last step in the license recovery process. The device will be removed and your vehicle restored to its original condition.

Ready to get started?

Call LifeSafer at 800-634-3077. One of our Customer Care Experts will go over the specific state requirements you need to follow and set up an installation appointment at one of our Quality Service Locations

At LifeSafer, our goal is to help you successfully complete your interlock program safely and quickly. The LifeSafer team is confident in their ability to deliver exceptional ignition interlock services and invites you to compare ignition interlock companies.

About LifeSafer:

LifeSafer is the premier manufacturer of the highest-rated ignition interlock device. With over 30 years of experience in helping people like you successfully complete their alcohol programs, we offer a level of client value that no other provider can match. From superior customer care to our highly-efficient analysis and reporting, you will receive an exceptional level of support. Our Authorized Service Providers focus on quality care to ensure we maintain the high standard of support our customers deserve.

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