The Advantages of Being the Designated Driver

dont drink and driveWhen planning a great night out on the town, chances are you don’t always look forward to the times when it’s your turn to be the designated driver. After all, when you have to remain sober in order to safely transport others, you aren’t always guaranteed a great night.

But there are a lot of advantages to being the designated driver. Take these for example:

  • You won’t wake up with a hangover the next day – It’s a great feeling when you can enjoy a night out and not wake up feeling awful in the morning.
  • You are the reason your friends got home safe and sound – Even if you feel like you didn’t have a chance to cut loose that night, knowing that your friends got home safely is reward for good behavior.
  • You’ll be entertained by the way your friends are acting – It can be really fun to be the sober person and watch the antics of your friends.
  • You’ll stay alive and out of jail – According to the CDC, there is one death from drinking and driving every 48 minutes. When you’re the designated driver, you could save your life, your friend’s lives, and the lives of innocent victims. Plus, if you made it through an accident, you’d definitely end up in jail for DUI.

Please note that drunk driving is not the only danger out there – illegal and prescription drugs are a major factor in fatal road crashes. Go here for more information on the dangers of drugged driving.

Taking a turn at being the designated driver is not only responsible, it can be life saving. The next time it’s your turn to be the designated driver, think about all the advantages of being a designated driver and enjoy a safe night out.