Breathalyzer Ignition Interlock FAQs Answered

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Breathalyzer Ignition Interlock FAQs Answered

Installing a car breathalyzer, also known as an ignition interlock device (IID), can seem daunting. The cost, time, inconvenience, and legal challenges can appear overwhelming. However, at LifeSafer, we’re committed to making this process as seamless as possible for our customers. With our online enrollment, same-day installation, and user-friendly devices, we tackle each of these pain points head-on.

What is the best car breathalyzer?

The LifeSafer car interlock breathalyzer is top-rated by our customers and is renowned for its simple operation. Moreover, it is the most discrete device on the market, boasting superior technology that ensures accuracy and ease of use. Additionally, LifeSafer stands out as the only provider that guarantees a same-day installation appointment.

What Are the Different Types of breathalyzers?

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The LifeSafer device is the smallest on the market, for discretion.

Two types of breathalyzers exist; police typically use the handheld breathalyzer as a testing device to perform a field sobriety test. Then there is the car breathalyzer ignition interlock, also known as an ignition interlock device, IID, BAIID, or interlock system. Typically, the court orders the installation of this device after an arrest. Its job is to prevent a car from starting if the driver’s breath contains alcohol. At LifeSafer, our devices use advanced technology to provide accurate results and a straightforward user experience.

How Does the LifeSafer Breathalyzer Work?

The LifeSafer breathalyzer works by analyzing the alcohol content in the driver’s breath. If the detected amount exceeds the pre-set limit, the vehicle won’t start. This simple and effective system helps ensure safe driving habits.

How Accurate Are Ignition Interlocks?

Modern ignition interlocks, like those offered by LifeSafer, are incredibly accurate. They use fuel cell technology to detect alcohol, providing reliable readings every time. 

How Much Does a Car Breathalyzer Cost?

The cost of a car breathalyzer depends on various factors, including your state’s regulations and the device you choose. At LifeSafer, we strive to offer affordable, high-quality solutions. For specific pricing information, please contact us directly.

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Where Can I Install a Car Breathalyzer Near Me?

LifeSafer provides an easy-to-use location search on our website. You can find your nearest service center and schedule a same-day installation. Our extensive network ensures that we’re always close by when you need us. We even offer weekend and mobile installations in many areas for the convenience of our customers.

Installing Your Breathalyzer for Car Ignition

Our guaranteed same-day installation or No-Call Install ™ process is designed to get you back on the road quickly and safely. Once you’ve enrolled online, our professional technicians will install your car breathalyzer, and go over the process of using it to ensure everything works perfectly.

Calibrating Your Car Breathalyzer

Regular calibration of your car breathalyzer is essential to maintain its accuracy. At LifeSafer, we take care of this for you, making the process hassle-free.

Call now to speak with one of our friendly experts. We’re here to help you navigate the process of installing a breathalyzer ignition interlock with ease and confidence. Just ask our customers, they give us a 4.8 Google Rating!

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