Cdot Drunk Driving Campaign: What Will You Lose?

The battle for the minds of drivers – particularly potential drunk drivers – continues. Police, road safety organizations, and transportation departments keep trying to find ways to reach people – young people in particular – with the message that drunk driving is lethal.

In Colorado a new CDOT drunk driving campaign calls upon DUI offenders to tell their story, in an effort to get people to consider the consequences of drinking and driving.

YouTube video

The spots feature actual DUI offenders, some of whom are serving time in prison, others who have lost much of what matters in life. The idea is for the audience to make the connection between themselves and the offenders. The latter are regular people who made a reckless decision, not some criminal type far removed from their everyday lives.

The emphasis is on what you can lose when you make that decision to drink and drive. It could be your freedom, your home, your job, or even your family, as prison can disrupt close relationships as one’s conditions deteriorate, money disappears, and the prospect of life with the title “felon” looms on the horizon.

Time will tell whether or not this approach is effective, but it’s certainly thought-provoking. The CDOT drunk driving campaign is telling a story worth listening to, and if people do listen, Colorado roads will be safer.

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