Are You Driving Illegally Without An Ignition Interlock?

When the order comes to install an ignition interlock, some people take the risk of not complying.  The cost of a DUI/DWI/OWI is substantial, and it may seem like the added cost of installing and maintaining an interlock is just not worth the price.   But it can cost much more if you are stopped while driving without a required interlock and a suspended license.

Driving under suspension without a required interlock is illegal — the laws in every state are clear about that. Breaking those laws can carry serious consequences that will haunt you for years:

In some states, if you’re driving illegally under suspension and are arrested, ANY amount of alcohol in your system — even if it’s under the legal limit — can lead to another DUI conviction, and the resulting longer suspensions, larger fines and, in some states, extensive jail time.

Over the years our clients have told us that an ignition interlock actually saves them money, as alcohol bills go down. An ignition interlock costs less per day than one drink at a bar. That’s above all the other benefits of safe and sober driving.

Ignition interlocks were developed because many people need to drive to make the most of life. They commute to work, bring kids to school, and some use a car to get to school themselves. An ignition interlock provides the opportunity to regain your driving privileges legally and safely.

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