Emojis to Fight Drunk Driving – South Carolina’s Newest Weapon

drunk-driving-emoji-campaignWhen you hear a message too many times – whether it’s “clean your room” or “read the instructions first,” it gets ignored. That’s just how people are. So when the message is an important one – don’t drink and drive – the South Carolina Department of Public Safety wants to make sure that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Drivers in the 18 – 34 category are most at risk for driving drunk. So how do you reach them, short of texting each one individually?

Sergeant Bob Beres of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, known on social media as Trooper Bob, has one solution: he’s using the graphic language of emojis to communicate the dangers of drunk driving.  And it’s been so successful that he’s taking the emojis to non-digital realms.

drunk-driving-gas-pump-handleRecently the emoji campaign has made it onto a series of 170 billboards across South Carolina. It will also find its way onto high school sporting event tickets and even gasoline pumps.

And why not? These days emojis do the work of words in tweets, texts and emails. The logic is that the extra second of time it takes to decipher the images will help the message sink in better.

Trooper Bob has a good lesson for everyone – use every channel of communication, and every language of communication as well, if the message is an important one.

Here’s hoping the people of South Carolina get the picture.