Halloween And Alcohol Consumption

Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. Although the streets will be lined with small trick or treaters dressed in various costumes and looking for candy, the nights leading up to and including Halloween will see adult revelers enjoying the holiday as well. Unfortunately along with the fun on those nights comes the risk of encountering a drinking driver, because Halloween is one of the most popular times of the year to binge drink.

Combining Halloween and alcohol consumption is nothing new. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  Halloween is one of the deadliest nights of the year due to drivers operating under the influence of alcohol. In fact, statistics from 2009 showed that half of the traffic crash fatalities that occurred between 6 pm on October 31st and 6 am on November 1st were due to drunk driving.

With an increase of Halloween parties and Haunted Houses being geared toward adults, there’s more reason than ever for ‘grown ups’ to want to get out and enjoy Halloween. But you can stay safe and keep others safe around you by enjoying the holiday responsibly. According to the US Census there will be 41 million children out trick or treating on Halloween night, so drive cautiously, and if you choose to drink, make plans before you leave to get home safely by having a designated driver.

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