Your Hump-Day Recess: Liar Making Funny Excuses For His Ignition Interlock

Courts and DMVs order ignition interlocks for one reason only: to protect the public against drunk drivers. That’s what interlocks do best. By preventing the car from starting if the driver has had anything to drink, interlocks are proven to reduce alcohol-related road fatalities.

There is an added effect, however. If you’ve been ordered to install an interlock, you’re left with the problem of explaining to your passengers just what that device on your dashboard is, and why you’re breathing into it. A very funny PSA from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows how one DUI offender explains it away.

This is probably a good time to emphasize that, apart from being reckless and potentially lethal, drunk driving can be very costly, both in monetary terms – fines, court fees, lost work time – and also in terms of reputation. A DUI can be humiliating.

Unless you’re very, very good at thinking up explanations.

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