Ignition Interlock Installation: What Happens To My Car?

You’ve taken the important first step and made your appointment with LifeSafer for your ignition interlock installation. You are one step closer to unrestricted driving.  We know this is a stressful time and you don’t know exactly what to expect.  That’s why we’re here to help. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers as to exactly what’s going to happen when you get to your Authorized LifeSafer Service Provider.

Q:   How long does an installation take?

Plan to spend about 90 minutes from start to finish at the installer’s location. While your vehicle is being worked on, you will be asked to watch an important training video to help you get familiar with how your interlock works. We want you to feel comfortable with how to take a test to start the vehicle, to understand how to take a test while driving, and to be aware of any everyday items that you will want to avoid prior to taking a test.

Many LifeSafer locations offer drop-off service to make your ignition interlock installation more convenient. If your location offers drop-off,  you can leave your car and come back at the end of the day to collect it.

Q:   Will installing an interlock mess up the wiring of my car or interfere with other features I have?

Our technicians have a wiring diagram of your particular vehicle so they know exactly where to find the wires they need to install the device.  The wires needed are generally found within the cabin of the vehicle. Occasionally in newer vehicles, they are located under the hood. If so, the wires are delicately fed through an existing grommet or entry point in the vehicle’s firewall. The ignition interlock device and its components will always be housed safely in the cabin of the vehicle, out of view and protected from the elements.  

Q:  What will people be able to see in my car?

You will only see the discreet black handset which you blow into and the “curly” wire that connects the handset to the rest of the device.  The other parts of your ignition interlock are safely tucked away, usually around the knee level panel of your vehicle.

Man using an ignition interlock devices in a vehicle

Q: Will the non-visible parts interfere with my safety features or steering wheel?

No.  They are located away from the steering columns and foot pedals to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle after the installation.

Ready to install?   Enroll and we’ll call you right away. Other questions about what to expect during an ignition interlock installation?  Check out our FAQs, or call our customer support experts at 800-634-3077.  The LifeSafer team is committed to helping you complete your interlock program and get back on the road after a DUI.

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