Need to Ask What a Lamborghini DUI Crash Costs? You Can’t Afford It.

Edmonds Police Facebook Page

All drunk driving crashes cost the offender. Sometimes it’s a lot. Just in monetary terms, there are fines, fees, the cost of maintaining an ignition interlock, the costs of a DUI class, and raised insurance rates afterwards.

Recently a guy in Edmonds, Washington figured out a way to make it cost even more: according to police reports, he rented a Lamborghini Huracan and crashed it while driving drunk.

The police spotted the driver and chased him, but he was running stop signs, so they gave up the chase as too risky. It didn’t take long for the driver to stop himself, though: he rear-ended another vehicle.

The Super Expensive Lamborghini DUI

Supercars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris can be rented. It’s not cheap – around $1400 per day.  The agencies that rent these machines warn drivers to have enough comprehensive insurance to cover what might be whopping damages: they suggest about a quarter million dollars. The renter, incidentally, is responsible for insuring the car.

The reason the rental company won’t cover the insurance is that everything is colossally expensive on one of these cars. The front hood for a Lamborghini Huracan is about $5,300. A front fender is about $3,300, a front headlamp – just a headlamp, mind you – is $6,200! Labor, as you might imagine, is extra. So repairs a nicely crunched Lamborghini front end will probably end up costing as much as a new Lexus SUV. That is going to come out of someone’s premiums.

Oh yes, insurance. After a DUI you’re usually required to have SR-22 insurance, which is more expensive than standard insurance.

It Could Have Been Worse

Despite the breathtaking costs incurred by this Lamborghini DUI crash, this episode ended pretty well. No one was injured or killed. Considering that the car in question had 631 horsepower and a top speed of 202 mph, it could have ended a horror story instead of a sad joke.

But it’s worth noting that all of the dangers of drunk driving are magnified with a car like the Lamborghini Huracan. It’s sad that it was crashed, but it’s good that it’s out of the hands of the driver in question.