Man Writes Police Officer: “Thank You for My DUI Arrest”

(click to enlarge) Image: Tyrone Police Department)

After a DUI arrest, offenders tend to have one of two reactions. Either they say, “I made a mistake” or they say, “Why are they picking on me?”

A Georgia man chose a different, and much more revealing response. The Tyrone, Georgia Police Department received a letter from a DUI offender who wished to thank his arresting officer, Sergeant Jacob Collins, for booking him on a drunk driving charge after he miscalculated a turn and drove off the road.

The unnamed driver felt the note was necessary because of the many accusations in the press about the use of excessive force  by police officers. He wanted the officers to know that their work was appreciated by many, even if it didn’t capture the attention of news networks in this day and age.

I write to express my thanks and gratitude to Officer Jacob Collins.

Officer Collins pulled me over on Highway 74 during the morning of July 31, 2015.  I was severely intoxicated. He saved my life and the lives of others, and I truly appreciate his actions and his efforts.

The Chief at the police station stated that no offender had written a thank-you letter before. Police often get notes from grateful victims and other citizens, as well as organizations, but a note from an offender after a DUI arrest was a first.

I do not like being on probation, and I do not enjoy paying a series of fines, fees and insurance hikes; however I am grateful to be alive.

thank-you-for-dui-arrest-georgiaGeorgia sees some 25,000 drunk driving arrests each year. Almost all of them take a drunk driver off the road, at least for a day, and many for much longer. Some of those arrests are wake-up calls which lead problem drinkers to confront their issues. Others result in an ignition interlock, which at least prevents them from reoffending for a period of time, and enables them to drive to work and also to treatment or counseling.

Offenders have been helped as a result of these arrests, probably as much as society has. And until now, not one thank you.

We salute the author of this letter for his honesty and perceptiveness, and we wish him well.