New Mobile Ignition Installation Services in Phoenix, Arizona

LifeSafer offers mobile installation to make the interlock process more convenient in Phoenix, Arizona. Our installers can come to your work or home to install your interlock device in your car. This allows ignition interlock installers to come directly to you; instead of you having to drive into the service center. This process is convenient and makes the process easier for those who are looking to regain their license and get back on the road quickly. 

When you need an ignition interlock, you will usually have to visit a vendor’s service center, have the device installed, and receive training. In Phoenix, Arizona, LifeSafer can reverse the role and come to you instead to install your ignition interlock.

What is the mobile installation process?

Now LifeSafer offers these installation services at a convenient location near you on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. To get started, call LifeSafer today at 1-800-634-3077, and the agent will enroll you in the program, schedule an arrival window, send out a technician to properly install the interlock at your appointment time. The licensed technician will complete the service on-site at your home, place of work, or wherever is most convenient. The technician will also be equipped with a full-service vehicle including wifi, credit card processing, and a printer for the paperwork. From there, the technician will set up your next calibration appointment at a convenient location, making driving easier and safer.

Convenience, discretion, and professionalism are what you will receive with our mobile service. LifeSafer alleviates the daily stress of work and life by bringing the ignition interlock to you and your vehicle. Also, our devices are small and hand-held, with tests that only last seconds. 

Check out our Arizona mobile installation video below!