Personal Breathalyzers for Your Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever been stopped by the police and asked to submit to a sobriety test you have probably seen a handheld breathalyzer. These devices are highly calibrated to give the most accurate blood alcohol readings possible and are controlled by the board of health with very strict rules as to how they can be used. That’s why police breathalyzers are accurate enough to have the readings submitted to the courts as evidence in DUI cases.

But did you know you could also test your blood alcohol or level intoxication with the one device you most often have in your hand, pocket, or purse? Add on devices for your phone that collect a breat sample and then use an app to analyze it can help.

PAS International offers a line of personal breathalyzers that feature NHTSA compliant fuel cell technology.  The MARS Personal Breathalyzer connects to you phone using Bluetooth technology and can help you track your BAC.     Because PAS offers reliable calibration, it is a trusted device that can avoid possible negative consequences of others on the market.

Other devices have a fuel cell and mouthpiece that connect directly to your mobile phone and enable you to blow into the device and use an app to produce a reading of your BAC.  On of the disadvantages of such devices is that users don’t calibrate them and they can provide faulty readings and a false sense of security.

The benefit to all of these products is that, if you are out for a night on the town, they can give you a good estimate of how intoxicated you are. Having it on your phone may also serve as a good reminder not to drink and drive when your judgment may be shaky due to alcohol consumption.

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