Quiz: Do I have a drinking problem?

Do I have a drinking problem?

When most people think of someone who is an alcoholic, they have a pretty set picture in their mind of what that person may look and act like. They may think that the person would be someone who drinks to excess on a daily basis.

But if you’ve ever wondered, “Do I have a drinking problem?” or “Does someone I love have a drinking problem?” and thought being an alcoholic was only about how much you drink, you might want to take this quick quiz and ask yourself if any of the questions apply to you or make you feel uncomfortable:

  1. If you’re out somewhere and you have a drink, can you leave it half-finished and walk away or do you feel you need to finish it before leave?
  2. Do you have health issues such as increased blood pressure, elevated liver enzymes, or weight gain due to drinking?
  3. Do you ever suffer from memory loss or black outs after drinking?
  4. Are you ever late for work, school, or other functions due to being drunk or hung over?
  5. Do you find yourself drinking at work or while in school?
  6. Have you had legal trouble due to drinking such as being stopped for drinking and driving?
  7. Are you in financial trouble due to drinking or do you ignore financial troubles because you’ve been drinking?
  8.  Do you spend a lot of money on alcohol?
  9.  Do you find your family members and friends have mentioned they are concerned about your drinking?
  10. Has anyone ever commented to you that you act completely different when you’ve had a few drinks?
  11. Do you need a few drinks to face certain people or situations?
  12. Have you lied or found you need to lie about drinking?

If you’ve found that a few of these questions made you think twice about your drinking or you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to answer them, you may have a problem with alcohol.