Saferride – The Drunk Driving App To Use When You’re Drunk

3 large buttons makes SaferRide easy to navigate

You’ve heard about drunk driving apps – smartphone apps that help drinkers get home safely. Usually they give a user access to taxis or rideshare service. Sometimes they also give alcohol-related information, such as how long you must wait after drinking a given amount before you can driver.

You might not know that the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) have their own drunk driving app that does the basics. Its selling point: it’s simple enough for someone to use if they’re drunk.

You know how uncoordinated and muddle-headed a drunk person can be. Fire up SaferRide, the app offered by NHTSA, and you’ll see three large buttons: Get Taxi, Call Friend, Where Am I?

The first connects you to local taxi services. The second summons a friend if you’re too drunk to book a taxi. And the third just lets you know where you are (in case you’re not aware, “Where am I?” is a fairly common question among inebriated people).

You can find apps with more functions, but the idea of SaferRide is to take care of people who have been robbed of digital dexterity by that sixth beer. Even if you can’t type your address or a password, you can still get hold of a ride to get yourself home safely and legally.


SaferRide is available for both IOS and Android systems.

What’s next? A “Get Me Home” button that bartenders can press if the customer is passed out?

Hats off to NHTSA for providing a drunk driving app that deals with the way intoxicated people really are. Having tracked drunk driving behavior for 45 years, they ought to know what they’re doing.

If you have a tendency to get really blotto on your nights out, consider SaferRide as a simple way to avoid a DUI.

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