Save Time and Money with One Small Portable Device

The LifeSafer® Portable Alcohol Monitoring (PAM) device is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for courts seeking a reliable and easy solution to the challenge of remote monitoring.  Even before COVID-19, the evidence was clear – this discreet device saves probation agencies, courts, and treatment centers time and money. And, it reliably assists clients with their rehabilitation and recovery. One small, discreet device achieves so much. Let’s see how:

Saves time

  • Improves caseload management by automating testing times 
  • Set up to 24 tests per day; both random and scheduled
  • Customizable reporting is just one click away 
  • Data when you need it – available in real-time
  • No testing administrator needed – testing is remote and self-administered 

Saves money

  • If it saves you time, it saves you money
  • Monthly cost is far less expensive than other testing technologies

Assists clients with rehabilitation and recovery

This is the most important element.

  • Results hold the user accountable for zero alcohol use
  • Wide-angle camera  – view participants and surroundings 
  • GPS tracking is a strong deterrent
  • Proof – rapid test results received by courts within 48 hours reduces alcohol crimes by 73%* 
  • Low risk of personal contact during COVID-19 

Start a pilot program with 3 easy steps in as little as 48 hours. LifeSafer does the work to get you set up, taking your unique requirements into consideration. Our experts train and support you every step of the way. 

Ready to see it in action? The LifeSafer PAM Team can demo the product live via Zoom in under 30 minutes.

Book a Demo

Upcoming Event:

Join us at this year’s APPA Virtual Conference on August 24-28. Our team will be available all week to answer your questions in our virtual booth.

Peggy Fulton Hora Judge (Ret), President of the Justice Speakers Institute, and Brian MacKensie Judge (Ret) will conduct a workshop for participants entitled Remote Testing for Alcohol in the time of COVID-19 highlighting the LifeSafer Portable Alcohol Monitoring (PAM) Device.

When: Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Justice Speakers Institute, LLC, the preeminent criminal justice organization composed of top judges and criminal justice experts say:

“The LifeSafer Portable Alcohol Monitoring Device should be considered the most effective alcohol testing technology for courts supervising probationers with conditions that forbid the use of alcohol.”

*Justice Speakers Institute, LLC, Comparing the LifeSafer Portable Alcohol Monitoring Unit with Other Alcohol Testing Technologies; February 2020.