Comparison of Smart Start Lifesafer and Intoxalock IID devices

Smart Start VS LifeSafer: Cost and Features

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Smart Start VS LifeSafer: Which Car Breathalyzer is Best?

When it comes to ignition interlock devices, Smart Start and LifeSafer are two trusted brands that offer reliable solutions for people seeking to regain their driving privileges after a DUI offense. In this article, we will compare the cost and features of Smart Start and LifeSafer devices, as well as their functionality, and benefits. We will give you an overview and breakdown the devices and customer service to help you make the best informed decision. 

Features and Functionalities

LifeSafer is the most discrete device on the market

Both Smart Start and LifeSafer devices offer a range of features and functionalities to ensure accurate and reliable alcohol testing. Lifesafer’s device stands out for its user-friendly blow pattern, requiring a deep inhale, blow, and hum of a consistent tone. This simple blow pattern, combined with its compact size, enhances the overall user experience. 

  • Makes testing quick and easy
  • Captures 1.2 – 1.5 liters of breath with each test
  • Avoids circumvention by detecting ONLY human breath
  • Is NHTSA certified for reliability and accuracy
  • Delivers accurate and timely reporting

What is Smart Start Interlock?

Smart Start offers the SSI 20/35™ and FLEX™ ignition interlock devices. The SSI 20/35™ device, comparable in size to a smartphone, provides convenience and portability. While the FLEX™ device may not be available in all areas, it offers an alternative for users seeking flexibility in their choice of interlock device.

Smart Start, too, offers an easy blow pattern, allowing users to take a deep breath before starting the test.

Pricing Structure and Additional Costs

When considering the ignition interlock device costs, transparency is crucial. At LifeSafer we pride ourself on providing clear and upfront pricing information, with no deposit required. We show detailed breakdowns of installation fees, monthly charges, and any additional costs on our billing statements and online accounts. This transparency fosters trust and helps customers understand their financial obligations. LifeSafer also offers financial assistance programs to ensure affordability and prioritize safety.

How much is a Smart Start Interlock?

The Smart Start costs vary by state, but they do require an enrollment fee, labor fee, and monthly lease for their devices. It is important for potential users to consider these additional costs when comparing the overall affordability of the two brands.

Benefits and Advantages

LifeSafer's ease of use and customer service make it the top choice on the market.

LifeSafer distinguishes itself with its high-tech and discreet device design, ensuring a superior customer experience. The small size and ease-of-use of their devices have garnered positive reviews from users. Additionally, LifeSafer’s emphasis on reliability and compliance, along with their assistance in navigating state-specific requirements, showcases their commitment to customer satisfaction.

While Smart Start offers a compact and portable device, users should consider the availability of their FLEX™ device in their area. The convenience of their smartphone-sized SSI 20/35™ device, however, can be an attractive feature for users seeking portability and ease of use.

In the realm of ignition interlock devices, both Smart Start and LifeSafer provide reliable solutions for anyone on the path to reclaiming their driving privileges. While Smart Start offers portability and convenience, LifeSafer stands out with its user-friendly design, transparent pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The LifeSafer Difference

LifeSafer, with a legacy in interlock technology since 1991, has established itself as a reliable and privacy-focused brand. Our ignition interlock device has the smallest design on the market, making it easy to conceal, ensuring privacy and discretion. Equipped with a camera for those requiring it, the car breathalyzer also features a built-in memory chip that logs events, ensuring compliance with regulations. LifeSafer has been actively collaborating with lawmakers to promote the adoption of these devices and enhance safety on the roads. Lifesafer provides you with all the information you need when it comes to costs, regulations, locations and more. Click here to learn more about ignition interlock services in your state.

LifeSafer: Top-rated Interlock Device

LifSafer's customer reviews set us apart as a top rated national brand!

By offering hassle-free pricing without enrollment fees, and a quick 5-minute installation process, LifeSafer stands out as a top-rated national brand. By avoiding required deposits or account setup fees, we prioritize customer convenience and transparency. The compact size and ease of installation of our devices contribute to an overall positive user experience. Our expert customer service team is  available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. We also have a ignition interlock FAQ page for quick and easy breathalyzer questions. 

Ready to get started? Give our Customer Support Center day or night. One of our experts will help get your installation booked and answer all your questions about your state-specific interlock program. You will regain your freedom to drive in no time.

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