Your Hump-Day Recess: Stevie Wonder on Drunk Driving

Stevie Wonder ad against drunk driving
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Stevie Wonder, who has sold more than 100 million albums and singles, and who is on every top-ten list of pop artists, has always been an inspiring figure. Despite the temptations of stardom, he’s stood for decency and integrity, and has shown a refreshing lack of poor judgment all his life. As such, Stevie is a natural choice as a spokesman for a public service ad. But Stevie Wonder on Drunk Driving? The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board thought it was a great idea, and the artists agreed.

The result is this memorable ad.

As a bonus, here’s a 1985 Ad Council PSA featuring a catchy jingle written and performed by Stevie Wonder. Interestingly, the world of drunk driving PSAs has a number of slogans that we remember — think of “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” — but it’s hard to recall another jingle. It’s doubtful anyone with as much talent as this man has written any. Paging Tom Waits.