My Luxury Car is My Baby. Will An Ignition Interlock Harm My Baby?

We know that some drivers out there really love their luxury and performance cars. If you’re passionate about your premium ride, and you’re required to install an ignition interlock, chances are you’ll be nervous — after all, someone you don’t know will be altering your car’s electronics.

The fact is, you have nothing to be worried about. Whether you have a 72 Ford Pinto or a late-model Lamborghini, LifeSafer installers are fully qualified to install an ignition interlock and work with your car’s electrical system.Ignition-Interlock-Wont-Harm-Luxury-Car

But My Car is State of the Art!

Car electronics have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Many functions in a newer vehicle are computer-controlled, and in the case of luxury cars, computers can run just about everything – not just the cruise control and the various sensors in the car, but the wipers, the brakes, the climate control – even the seats and rear-view mirror (in cars that remember different drivers’ favored positions).

LifeSafer ignition interlock installers are well trained, so they know how to install an interlock so that only the wiring having to do with the actual ignition is altered. We won’t mess with your temperature-controlled cup holders — promise.

But it’s an Exotic, Delicate, Powerful, Fantastically Expensive Car!

Yes, it is, and at LifeSafer that’s how we’ll treat it. However, you should know that ignition systems are not all that different from one another, even if the car has cross-stitched African ostrich hide seats and a cabin aromatherapy system. There are set, tried-and-tested methods for dealing with every type of ignition circuitry for every make and model. LifeSafer constantly updates this information, and technicians stay in communication with one another to ensure that everyone has the same information.

What About When the Interlock is Removed? Will it Leave a Scar?

Old-Beater-Can-Take-InterlockNo. When a LifeSafer technician removes an interlock, everything is restored exactly the way it was before – as if it never happened.

An ignition interlock is a proven method of preventing drivers from operating their vehicles while impaired. Thousands of people are on the road today, going about their transport safe and sober, because an ignition interlock is there to help them complete their legal requirements. Think if the device as a way to keep you and others safe on the roads.

Oh, and it will keep your baby safe too.