For over 30 years, LifeSafer® has been a leading provider of alcohol monitoring solutions to courts across the country. We are also a proud partner of the American Parole and Probation Association and the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. 

Over the past few weeks, our team has been in regular communication with courts nationally regarding the challenges of COVID-19. We’re consistently hearing that courts need help testing their participants regularly while closed or while not allowed to do home visits.

Below are a few of the solutions we are currently implementing with partners that may be appropriate for your court to consider. 

Remote Alcohol Testing
If you are unable to do regular ETG testing, our portable device can remotely test participants multiple times a day. Results are available instantly with the participant’s picture and GPS location.

Condition of Release
Instead of increasing the risk of spreading COVID-19 in overpopulated jail systems, our portable alcohol device can offer a solution for alcohol or drug-related offenses. The device can give instant accountability through regular daily testing and the results are immediately available to the court.

Our portable alcohol device can be used as a PBT if you are conducting any tests onsite and you are concerned about the air sample directly blowing on the screener.  Our portable unit can be conducted by the user separately, at a safe distance. We could provide extra mouthpieces if you have high testing quantity needs.

We offer drug testing with Oral Fluid and UA’s and can work with you, the participants, and local treatment providers to facilitate regular testing options if needed.

These solutions can support all court programs from DWI to Veterans to Drug Court, etc. We are willing to work on aggressive pricing and payment options given the recent circumstances to help your court and your program participants.

Contact us to learn more and discuss how we can support your court programs.

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