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The Smallest Device On The Market

Florida Interlock Process

How do I get an interlock license?

1.) Do I Need An Interlock?

Check with the clerk of the court in the jurisdiction of your offense to determine if you require an ignition interlock. Installing an interlock may also be part of a diversion program. In Florida, installing an interlock may reduce or eliminate the one-year license suspension requirement, but don’t drive until you are sure. You can also check your license status online.

2.) Enroll In A Certified DUI Program

There are many programs available to assist you through the DUI process. Find a program that fits you needs here.

3.) Get A License

You will need a Hardship License. Apply for your Hardship License.

4.) Enroll in an interlock program and get an installation appointment

Call LifeSafer Ignition Interlock 800-634-3077or use No-Call Install to schedule your ignition interlock installation

5.) Update your License

After your installation, visit a driver’s license service center or tax collector’s office to get the “P” restriction added to your license.


Enjoy the freedom of driving with the peace of mind that LifeSafer has you covered.