LifeSafer vs. Guardian

Guardian Ignition Interlock vs lifesafer

Which provider is more convenient?

Some providers believe that convenience doesn’t really matter when it comes to installation. At LifeSafer, we believe every step of the process should be convenient from start to finish. That’s why why are the only provider to offer Guaranteed Same Day Installation or Your First Month Free.

Other providers force you to install on their time. LifeSafer values your time and we want to make sure you get back to driving as quickly as possible. LifeSafer and Guardian Ignition Interlock are two leading brands. Let’s compare some features, benefits and customer reviews.


  • Guaranteed Same Day Installation or Your First Month Free

Guardian Ignition Interlock

  • Same Day Installation Not Guaranteed

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Is scheduling installation easy?

Scheduling installation can be a long and tedious process for some providers. LifeSafer offers multiple ways of scheduling your installation. You can schedule online in 5 minutes or less with LifeSafer No-Call Install™, call in and speak with one of our state experts, or chat with an expert online.

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  • Schedule online through No-Call Install
  • Schedule with a friendly state expert
  • 5 minute scheduling process
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  • Schedule Online
  • State Experts available
  • Schedule in 10 minutes

Who has the most installation locations?

Finding the best installation and service location will be a key part of your interlock program. You will want to find a location that is knowledgeable, convenient, and has multiple options to choose from.

Only locations that meet LifeSafer’s state certified and thorough vetting processes earn our trust. With 1,600+ locations nationwide, LifeSafer is the best choice.

LifeSafer Locations

  • Best Quality Nationwide In-Person Location Coverage
  • Guaranteed Same Day Installation or Your First Month Free
  • Excellent Location Quality

Guardian Locations

  • Regional Availability
  • Same Day Installation Not Guaranteed

Is the device size important?

The size of your ignition interlock device is important. Having the most discreet device on the market in the LifeSafer L250 makes the process easier than any other provider. Our device fits in the palm of your hand easily and can fit almost anywhere in your car. It’s sleek, lightweight design make the LifeSafer L250 ignition interlock the clear front runner.

Other providers have large, bulky devices that won’t even fit in a cup holder. These large devices can be difficult to handle, especially while driving. Get the device that makes your life easier.

Lifesafer and Guardian Ignition interlock device

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