Who Has the Cheapest Ignition Interlock Device (IID)?

Pricing for state-approved ignition interlock devices tends to be fairly uniform across various providers. While certain interlock companies might throw in special offers, complimentary installations, or promote a “complete package” deal, the overall price is generally comparable between providers.

However, always be cautious of companies that claim to offer the lowest prices. They might often fall short of adhering to state guidelines, possibly jeopardizing your chances to reinstate your full driving privileges. Just because they have the most affordable ignition interlock device doesn’t mean that their services and device is worth it.

Some jurisdictions stipulate advanced features for an IID, such as cameras, GPS, or real-time reporting. Smaller breathalyzer companies might cut corners in terms of quality or features to offer reduced prices.

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Finding cheapest ignition interlock device:

Understanding the type of device mandated by your state is crucial when weighing your IID options. At LifeSafer, our team is always on hand to guide you through your state’s specifications and processes.

When evaluating quotes from different providers, it’s wise to trust a reputed company like LifeSafer, known for maintaining consistent compliance with state regulations and maintaining good standing within the states they operate.

Opting for a company that frequently faces suspensions or de-certifications might hit your pocket hard, especially if you need to shift to another provider midway.

Moreover, choosing an IID company with numerous accessible locations is a smart move. Given that you’ll be visiting these locations for mandatory calibrations throughout your lease duration, it’s essential to pick a place that’s not only convenient but also employs competent installation experts.

LifeSafer boasts an expansive network of locations, upholding the highest standards for our installer teams and making it easier for you to get installation and service in your area.

Reach out to us now to locate a center near you and acquaint yourself with your state’s prerequisites. We promise transparency in pricing and are dedicated to helping you get back behind the wheel.

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