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How does a LifeSafer breathalyzer work? The user blows into a mouthpiece, which channels the breath into a sensor chamber. Inside, the alcohol content is measured based on its chemical reaction with the sensor. The device then processes this data and displays the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on a digital screen.

IID or Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition interlock devices are in-vehicle devices that are usually issued by a local authority to ensure that a driver is not operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Generally these devices can allow someone who has received a DUI/DWI charge with getting their driving privileges reinstated. Automotive safety and law enforcement have always prioritized driver sobriety, leading to the adoption of various devices that ensure this. An ignition interlock device is the most cost-effective way to accomplish this and can be referred to in different ways depending on the state or region they are issued. Learn more about IIDs here.

Calibrated Ignition Interlock Device ensuring precise alcohol detection

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Why choose LifeSafer? The LifeSafer device is the smallest and easiest to use device on the market. We offer guaranteed same day installation for your convenience and you can even schedule online in 5 minutes or less. Experience the LifeSafer Difference now!

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State Interlock Requirements

Ignition interlock laws and requirements vary by state and the severity of the offense. Depending on these varying factors, your ignition interlock program may be different. LifeSafer is here to help guide you through the process that your state requires to ensure you get back on the road quickly.

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