LifeSafer vs. Intoxalock

Battery Drain Comparison

4X Less Battery Drain

The LifeSafer L250 boasts an impressive 4x less battery drain while the vehicle is off when compared to the Intoxalock 1001A.

*The LifeSafer L250 draws 4x less battery drain while the vehicle is off compared the the Intoxalock 1001A. Third Party testing July/August 2023.

What is battery drain?

Car battery drain, sometimes referred to as “parasitic drain” occurs when electronic devices connected to your car battery draw small amounts of power while your vehicle is off. This can occur in many ways such as a door left ajar, a light left on, or temperature fluctuations.

How to lessen car battery drain?

While it isn’t possible to fully mitigate car battery drain, there are some steps you can take to significantly lessen its impact on the life of your car battery.

1.) Park in the garage – parking your vehicle in a garage will help to maintain a more even temperature for your vehicle battery. This can help lessen battery drain.

2.) Shut off vehicle properly – Make sure your vehicle is shut off properly. This means making sure all lights are off and doors are closed. Some cars do this automatically but there are a large number that require these actions to be done manually.

3.) Check your battery – Make it a habit to check your car battery to ensure that all cables are connected properly and there are no signs of corrosion build up around the diodes.

While taking these steps can help lessen car battery drain, there is never a way to fully mitigate the risk. Be diligent and look for signs that your battery may be deteriorating such as flickering lights or having trouble starting the vehicle.

Why choose LifeSafer?

LifeSafer has engineered the LifeSafer L250 to draw less off of your car battery while your vehicle is off. This is one of the many ways the LifeSafer L250 stands out as a quality choice for your ignition interlock. Learn more about our device now.

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