LifeSafer vs. Simple Interlock Comparison

Which IID Provider Offers the Best Prices?

Many interlock providers require deposits, set up fees, or other hidden fees prior to your device installation. LifeSafer understands that this is a tough time for drivers so we offer transparent pricing every time. When you choose LifeSafer, you are choosing one of the most affordable and hassle-free IID providers out there!


  • No Deposit Required

Simple Interlock

  • May Require Deposit

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Which IID Providers Have an Easier Installation?

When you schedule your interlock installation, you want a simple and easy process. That’s why LifeSafer offers a quick and easy installation process with knowledgeable agents, so you can get back on the road fast.

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  • Schedule online through No-Call Install™
  • Schedule with a friendly state expert
  • 5-minute scheduling process
  • Same-Day Installation Guaranteed
  • No online scheduling available
  • Must call to schedule

Which IID Provider Has the Most Service Locations?

When choosing an IID provider, you want the most convenient option with the best customer service. LifeSafer has thousands of locations nationwide with top-quality customer service agents to make the process as smooth as possible.

Only locations that meet LifeSafer’s state certified and thorough vetting processes earn our trust. Schedule with a state certified location today.

LifeSafer IID Locations

  • Over 1,500+ Locations Nationwide
  • Best Quality Nationwide In-Person Location Coverage
  • Guaranteed Same Day Installation or Your First Month Free
  • Excellent Location Quality and Customer Service

Simple Interlock Locations

  • Limited Locations
  • Same Day Installation Not Guaranteed

*Location numbers as of 11/23

Which IID is Easier to Use?

Because you will be using your interlock device multiple times a day, you want to be sure your device is easy to use and produces accurate results. The LifeSafer L250 device is a discreet size and offers high-tech features. And with almost 14,000 reviews and easy installation LifeSafer is a customer favorite!


  • Drinking water not required
  • Must drink water first
How does a LifeSafer breathalyzer work? The user blows into a mouthpiece, which channels the breath into a sensor chamber. Inside, the alcohol content is measured based on its chemical reaction with the sensor. The device then processes this data and displays the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on a digital screen.

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