Indiana Ignition Interlock OWI Laws

Indiana Interlock Process

How do I get an interlock license?

  • Visit to find out when your driving privileges can be reinstated and to download a copy of your certified driving record. If the eligibility date is listed as “indefinite” then there are some requirements you must complete before your license can be reinstated.

  • Call LifeSafer Ignition Interlock at 800-634-3077 to schedule your ignition interlock installation. Ask about discounts and special money-saving offers!

  • Bring the following to your installation appointment: your current registration or title, proof of insurance, court referral paperwork, and a permission slip from the vehicle’s registered owner if you don’t own the vehicle to be installed (alternatively, the owner may appear and sign a waiver).

  • Once the requirements have been completed, contact the court so that they can send the information to the BMV. You cannot notify the BMV directly.

  • Your insurance provider must provide proof of insurance as required on your Viewable Driver Record or Official Driver Record. Have your insurance provider submit the form (e.g. SR-50 or SR-22) to the BMV. You cannot submit the forms to the BMV yourself.

  • Pay all insurance and/or reinstatement fees as noted on your Viewable Driver Record or Official Driver Record. You may pay those fees online, by phone at 888-692-6841, or by mail.

Ignition Interlock Cost

How much does an interlock cost in Indiana?

An ignition interlock (IID) is about $3 per day on average in Indiana, but what you are paying for goes beyond the device. LifeSafer IIDs are tested and calibrated for accuracy before ever going out the door.

Our customer service and reporting specialists are also part of LifeSafer’s value to our customers. Your Indiana installation center is constantly updating their training and calibration service so your program runs smoothly and we can install an interlock on any vehicle. There is a lot riding on your device working properly and LifeSafer invests in accuracy and ease of use.

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