Minnesota Ignition Interlock DWI Laws

Interlock Process

Minnesota has different requirements for those whose license has been revoked versus whose has been canceled and denied. Details can be found on the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Service website.

Requirements for those who have been revoked are summarized below.

How do I get an interlock license?

  • Call LifeSafer Ignition Interlock at 800-634-3077 to schedule your ignition interlock installation. Ask about discounts and special offers! You may install the device at any time but you must wait until you receive a notification from Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) before driving the vehicle.

  • Visit MN DVS to complete the following: Pass the DWI knowledge test, pay the $680 reinstatement fee and apply for a new Class D driver’s license and pay the application fee. Keep your receipts for the reinstatement fee and application fee as you may need to submit them in the future.

  • Go online to complete and upload the ignition interlock forms, including Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement, Certificate of Insurance for the vehicle(s) to be equipped with the device. If required, sign and notarize the Special Review Awareness form. You can also mail, drop off or fax your completed paperwork

    Mail to:

    Driver and Vehicle Services Ignition Interlock Unit
    445 Minnesota Street, Suite 177
    Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101


    Fax to: 651-797-1299


    Email to: dvs.ii@state.mn.us

  • You will receive your restricted license once DVS approves the application.

Interlock Cost

How much does an interlock cost in Minnesota?

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, expect to pay $3 per day, the same as the national average. You could search all over for the cheapest breathalyzer out there, there’s a lot to be said for a device that offers multiple benefits like great customer service, quality devices and stellar service technicians.

LifeSafer IIDs are precisely tuned & calibrated before they are installed in your vehicle. Licensed and highly trained technicians at your Minnesota center use the latest techniques to install your interlock to perfection. Should you need assistance, our customer service specialists are ready to provide the support you need.

Make your program a success with LifeSafer and get started today.

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