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Need an Ignition Interlock in North Charleston South Carolina?

Experienced technicians at American Tire, our certified service center in North Charleston South Carolina will install your ignition interlock device (also known as a car breathalyzer), provide thorough training, device calibration and reporting.

Please, give us a call, even if you just want to talk about ignition interlocks and your options – our expert advice is always free! And if you want to read more details, please take a look at our Steps to Regaining Your License in South Carolina.

To sum up, LifeSafer Interlock has you covered in The Palmetto State! For express service, call now to schedule your ignition interlock installation. Want us to call you? You can fill out the simple and secure form on this page, receive an instant discount, and let us do the dialing. Most of all, we’ll have you set up and on your way in no time!

Our customers think we’re excellent!

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That’s why we are sharing reviews from Trustpilot, an independent, unbiased, and uncensored online review community with genuine reviews written by real customers. Read some reviews from our happy customers on Trustpilot.

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