Washington, DC DWI Laws

Washington, DC Interlock Process

Get your license back in Washington D.C. after a DWI

To be considered the DC Interlock Program, you must:

  • Have held a DC DMV driver license immediately prior to revocation;
  • Been convicted in court of an alcohol-related offense or had your license revoked administratively because of an alcohol-related offense;
  • Not have any additional or pending license suspensions or revocations;
  • Have not been convicted of causing injury or death while operating a motor vehicle in any jurisdiction;
  • Have enrolled or completed a District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) approved substance abuse treatment program.
  • Complete and submit the DC DMV Ignition Interlock Program Application and pay the associated DMV fees.

  • Obtain and maintain High Risk SR22 Insurance.  Your insurance agent or company can help with this.

  • Meet any other criteria as required by the Director of the DMVF

  • The completed application must be submitted by email to [email protected], fax to 202-727-6003, or mail to:

    DC Department of Motor Vehicles

    Attn: Driver Services Administration/IID Program

    95 M Street, SW, Suite 300

    Washington, DC 20024

    Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted to schedule an in-person appointment. For enrollment or eligibility questions you may call 311 (202-737-4404).

  • Once approved, call LifeSafer Ignition Interlock to schedule your installation.

Ignition Interlock Cost

The cost of an ignition interlock varies, but LifeSafer works hard to make it affordable.   The average  cost for an interlock is about $3.00 per day, much less than the penalties for driving with a suspended license.   Call us today to find out pricing for your program.

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