LMG Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of ignition interlock devices including the LifeSafer® Monitech®, QuickStart Ignition Interlock® and Guardian Interlock® brands, and Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. dba SCRAM Systems®, a leading provider of electronic monitoring and software solutions for the criminal justice industry, announced today that they have joined forces to further their mission of improving public safety and outcomes for monitoring clients and judicial systems. Through this merger, the combined company offers a full spectrum of alcohol-related and other monitoring solutions and services to court systems, law enforcement, community-supervision programs, treatment facilities and other partners in North America and internationally.

The joining of SCRAM Systems and LMG brings the most complete set of offender-monitoring technologies that includes ignition interlock devices, continuous transdermal alcohol monitoring, remote breath/portable alcohol monitoring, GPS, standalone RF/house arrest technology, web-based reporting and communications tools, software solutions, and ISO-certified monitoring services and support.

“The combination of LMG’s and SCRAM System’s product and solutions portfolio further advances our ability to achieve our dual mission of providing protection for the public, while also facilitating rehabilitation, reducing recidivism and providing a preferred alternative to incarceration,” said Chairman and CEO of the combined company, Marc Jourlait.

SCRAM Systems and LMG share a common set of values and commitment to customers. Both companies are industry leaders, delivering solutions that improve public safety, enable people to make better decisions, and empower the judicial system to fulfill its mission of getting lives back on track.

Dick Mumma, General Manager of the Ignition Interlock Device business for the combined entity, added, “This is an exciting expansion of our offering in the marketplace. Both organizations share a deep commitment to helping people improve their lives and contribute positively to society.”

The leaders of the combined company are committed to ensuring that this transition is as seamless as possible for customers and external constituents. Customers will not experience or notice any changes to agreements, contracts, quotes, and services. Over time, customers will receive notification of expanded service offerings, new features, and integration opportunities. SCRAM Systems and LMG remain committed to providing best in class solutions and outstanding customer service to our valued partners, and to leading with integrity and transparency in everything we do.